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Amplesun Solar, located in Xiasha Export Processing Zone, is a private company founded in early 2008 by a group of experts in the thin film solar industry. Companies registered capital of 680 million yuan.With state-of-art production lines and qualified raw materials, we provide not only high performance, high quality standard thin film photovoltaic modules, but also customized products and services.

Amplesun solar is scheduled to reach a 120MW production capacity with tandem junction tcehnology in 2011. The current turn-key production line is from ULVAC, Japan(www.ulvac.co.jp), which is located in a 40,000mcleanroom with overall length of about 1000 meters, part of which is reserved for capacity upgrade.

Amplesun Solar is set to become a world-class manufacturer in the PV industry. The company is continually reducing energy ang materials consumption by taking a consistant and innovative approach to process improvement. AmpleSun team is committed of the solar modules and developing new products.

Amplesun Solar is contributing both locally and within the global context of energy supply to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With continual innovation, AmpleSun Solar will share green energy with all people and help to create a cleaner world.

杭州天裕光能有限公司(AmpleSun)是一家专业从事非晶硅以及微晶硅薄膜太阳能电池组件的研发、生产、销售及服务的国际化高新技术企业,是新兴产业的典范。公司成立于2008年初,项目总投资22亿元,共上马四条生产线。 第一条薄膜太阳能电池生产线年产25MW,已在40000平方米的现代化工厂建成并顺利投产,这条世界领先的生产线全套引进于日本爱发科(www.ulvac.co.jp),具有很高的生产效能和自动化程度。到2011年底,随着生产工艺完成从非晶硅到微晶硅的升级,届时四条线的总产能将增至120MW。 天裕光能一流的生产设施和原材料、国际化的研发设计团队、高效的管理模式正全力提供优质可靠的太阳能光伏系列产品和能源系统解决方案,以满足全球不断增长的能源需求。